Work - Zuii_Promotional


Site Zuii Organic company to sell Mickey August Online and earnings from customers outside the country of manufacturing design
Zuii Promotional script programming sites and Web Design
  • Programming properties
  1. Project Type: Web Abkoshn
  2. Programming: Special Programming
  3. Project category: for the import and distribution company Almikab
  • Design characteristics
  1. Design Type: Special design
  2. Design compatibility: Complies on programming
  3. Design Standards: Complies with the Web2 & W3C
  • Project Features
  1. Showing make-up products
  2. The possibility of adding more than one section through the panel programming Control
  3. The possibility of adding more than a picture of the product through the Control Panel
  4. Add the price of each product
  5. Post a specific amount of stock and control Atmatekeya through programming
  6. The possibility of amendment on the product
  7. Warehouse management through the Control Panel